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무제 문서
[ Part 1 - Enrollment Policies ]
1. If students want to extend a course, they should register 2 weeks in advance before the course ends. Payment must be made within 1 week after registration. If not, the classes, tutors and room assignments can be changed. Extending your studies here is on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis.
2. Delay in arrival and absence due to personal reasons will not be a basis for refund.
[ Part 2 - Class policies ]
1. Every week, students can request changes for teachers.
  (Requests for changes must be submitted to the office every Thursday between 1PM to 5PM.)
2. English Drs may change a teacher when a teacher is deemed not performing well in fulfilling their duties, even when a term has already started. Circumstances that make it possible for the school to make changes for classes and which apply to both the teacher and student include the following: emergency leaves, inappropriate manners or behavior as may have been determined by the immediate supervisor, continuous absences due to illness or personal reasons, and / or inadequate class preparation.
3. Students are marked absent when they do not arrive within 20min after classes start and/or without prior notice. (A written warning is given for 3 counts of absence without permission. Three written warnings will be grounds for expulsion)
4. A certificate of graduation is released only to students who have registered and completed more than 8 weeks of a course with completion of at least 80% of the total class hours and with only 1 written warning.
5. English Drs will not compensate for Philippine holidays, moved holidays and special holidays.
6. English Drs has the right to change or modify its curriculum or class subjects without prior notice when it is inevitable.
[ Part 3 - Dormitory Rules & Policies ]
1. English Drs has the right to choose dormitory assignment. If students make reasonable requests, appropriate action can be given.
2. The school shall not be held responsible for any lost or missing items. It shall be the sole accountability of the students to guard and keep their valuable belongings in a safe place.
3. Personal supplies such as soap, toothpaste, towels, and toilet paper are the students’ responsibility.
4. Cleaning and laundry service will be provided twice a week. Beddings are replaced every two weeks. Only clothes are accepted for laundry.
* During official Philippine holidays, cleaning and laundry services are not provided.
5. Students should turn off aircon units when they leave the room for more than 30 min. For a violation thereof, a verbal warning will be given.
6. Students should observe silence in the dormitory from 10 pm to 7 am.
7. Students are not allowed to use any devices which can cause fire such as portable burners, coffee makers, candles, etc.
8. Smoking is allowed at designated areas only. If students are caught smoking at non-smoking areas, a verbal warning will be given.
9. No alcoholic beverage is allowed inside the school dormitory. If alcoholic beverages are found with or without its content in a particular room, a written warning shall be given to all students occupying the room.
10. For a pleasant environment, eating in the room is prohibited. If students bring meals provided by the school into their rooms, they shall be given a verbal warning.
11. Students are not allowed to enter rooms assigned to a student of the opposite gender.
12. Visitors are not all allowed to enter the school dormitory. Students should follow the school curfew.
   - Possible time to go out
07:00 ~ 24:00
  Outside of the hours mentioned, students
  are not allowed to roam around the school

  If caught, a written warning will be given.
(Fri,Sat,Before Holiday)
07:00 ~ 02:00

* A waiver should be filled out by the student on Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM, if they wish to stay out for the night or weekends.

13. English Drs receives 3,000 pesos from each student as a deposit. This deposit in its full amount shall be released upon checkout when no damage to property has been incurred by the student. Otherwise, the corresponding amount of damage, if any, shall be deducted from the amount deposited. In some instances, the student may be asked to add more if the amount of damage sustained by the dormitory exceeds the deposit made.
14. If a student requests to stay longer than their registered term, they will be charged 1,500 pesos per day for their dormitory stay only.
[ Part 4 - Warning Regulations ]
1. English Drs has the right to warn and expel students who break the rules and regulations of the school.
Receiving warnings, committing acts of violence, having bad attitude, or anything thereof that detract from a positive academic atmosphere will be grounds for expulsion.
The erring student shall be made liable for any damages sustained by the school from such deliberate violations.
2. Any romantic relationship between teachers and students is not allowed. If found guilty, teachers will be fired and students will be expelled.
3. Drinking alcohol and bringing of any alcohol inside the school dormitory and / or within the school premises is not allowed. When a student deliberately violates school regulations, shows violent behavior, and / or commits those aforementioned acts under the influence of alcohol, students will be automatically expelled from the school.
4. Cooking is not allowed in the dormitory to prevent fires. Students are not allowed to use any heating or cooking devices which can cause fire. If students are found using these devices, the school shall automatically expel the students from the school.
5. Warning regulations are as follows:

  If caught bringing any alcoholic beverage
  and drinking in school premises will result to
  automatic expulsion of the student.
  If caught, a verbal warning is given for the
  first offense and written warnings for future
Curfew /
Stay out overnight
  If students do not come home for the night
  without permission.
  If students stay more than 10 minutes in a
  room assigned to the opposite gender.
Cooking Devices
  When heating or cooking devices are found
  being used by students.
  Bringing of meals into the dormitory rooms
  by students. a verbal warning is given for the
  first offense and written warnings for future
* The expulsion regulation depends on the study period :
  8 weeks~12 weeks (3rd warning results to expulsion) / more than 16 weeks (4th warning results to expulsion)

  8 weeks~12 weeks : 1st warning : receive written warning → 2nd warning:
  submit a signed agreement to the office with consultation→ 3rd warning: expulsion

  More than 16 weeks : 1st, 2nd warning: receive written warning → 3rd warning:
  submit a signed agreement to the office with consultation → 4th warning : expulsion

* Students cannot ask for a refund when they are expelled.
[ Part 5 - Freedom from Liability or Accountability ]
1. English Drs shall not be liable for canceled or extended flight schedules due to natural disasters.
2. English Drs is not liable for any accidents that happen to a student outside of its premises. For safety measures, it is recommended that students get themselves insured for traveling or studying abroad.
3. English Drs has the right to expel students without warning: if students damage property, or for any case which results to damage or will be defamatory to the school, the erring student shall be made liable for any damages sustained by the school from such deliberate violations.
4. English Drs has the authority to change its fees, course and program due to uncontrollable reasons or circumstances.
(ex : exchange rate and tax increase in accordance with the relevant laws of the Philippine government)
5. When a student is expelled from the school, the school manager is duty-bound to inform their parents and the concerned agency regarding the incident involving the student. No refund shall be made for the paid remaining term.
[Part 6 - Refund Policies]
1. Students must submit the application form for refund if they want a refund. The registration fee is not refundable.
2. If a student misses class without prior notice within the first weeks of enrollment, no refund will be given.
3. No refund is allowed in the case of a student who has registered for less than 4 weeks. The remaining duration cannot be transferred to a third party.
4. In case of inevitable circumstances (ex : Student’s illness, immediate family’s death, etc.)
English Drs will refund 70% of the remaining duration cost regardless of the notice date. (Medical certificate will be required.)
5. Refund cases are as follows (except for those who registered for only a period of 4 weeks or less).

  Registration Fee   Dormitory Fee   Tuition Fee
  Before departure date   No refund   Full refund   Full refund
  After arrival
  (Before classes start)
  No refund   2 weeks deducted from the
  full refund
  Full refund
  Within 50% of
  scheduled stay
  No refund   50% (2 weeks basis)   50% ( 2 weeks basis)
  After 50% of
  scheduled stay
  No refund   No refund   No refund
* You can get the whole refund amount 30 days after we receive the application form for refund.