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무제 문서
  Expected Expenses to study English in the Philippines are divided into prepaid costs before departure and local costs after arrival.
  The admission fee is USD 100. After checking your deposit, the enrollment process will begin.
You need to pay for it just once and it is not refundable.
So before paying for it, you had better consider your enrollment carefully.
ESL Course A
ESL Course B
IELTS Course
Tuition Fee
(4 weeks)
USD 750
USD 600
USD 750
USD 800
class time

9-hour classes

1:1 Class 6 hours
1:4 Class 2 hours
Optional Class
1 hour

7-hour classes

1:1 Class 4 hours
1:4 Class 2 hours
Optional Class
1 hour
9-hour classes

1:1 Class 6 hours
1:4 Class 2 hours
Optional Class
1 hour
9-hour classes

1:1 Class 6 hours
1:4 Class 2 hours
Optional Class
1 hour
  While studying in EDA, it's possible to change from ESL Course B into ESL Course A, IELTS Course and TOEIC Course.
(with an additional 8,000 pesos every 4 weeks)
Single Room
Twin Room
Triple Room
Costs (4 weeks)
USD 600
USD 550
  The Board & Lodging Fees are inclusive of 3 meals a day, Laundry & Cleaning services 3 times a week,
exclusive of electricity fees
  Our Airport Pick-up and Drop-off service is free only between Davao International Airport and English Drs Academy.
(Only for one-time Pick-up & Drop-off service / It is not possible to change the place for Pick-up & Drop-off)
The list below is all about local costs that you pay for in peso in the Philippines. Each student might pay different local costs because of his/her study period. If you want to check the exact local costs based on your study period, just refer to the page named "Fees Preview" on our official website.
Dormitory Deposit
3,000 pesos
    Refundable 2 days before you leave
Electricity Fees
1,500 / 2,000 pesos
    Single Room : 2,000 pesos (4 weeks)
    Twin Room / Triple Room : 1,500 pesos (4 weeks)
different price
for each book
    about 250~400 pesos per book
Registration Fee
6,000 pesos
    The issued SSP is valid for 6 months.
    (Necessary requirement: 2 ID pictures)
Processing Fee
3,000 pesos
    For students who study more than 8 weeks
    Valid for 1 year
Extension Fee
difference is based on
the study period
    After entering the Philippines, you can stay
    without a visa for 30 days but after that you need
    to extend it every month.
When you depart from the Philippines, you will pay for the airport tax at the airport.
(Domestic 200 pesos + International 550 pesos)

Dormitory deposit will be returned 2 days before you leave. (If there is some damage to EDA facilities or dormitory room, we can deduct the actual amount of the damage from your deposit.)

The list above doesn't include students' pocket money because personal differences exist in terms of using money.