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무제 문서


A passport is a necessary document issued by the government to certify the identity and nationality of its holder for the purpose of international travel. Also, its holder can have the right to get some help in terms of convenience and protection during international travel.

If you already have a passport, you need to check the expiry date of your passport because it should have a validity period of more than 6 months to have a valid stay in other countries.


[ Set the date for your flight and purchase]

After having a consultation with an EDA staff, you can set the date for your flight and purchase or ask us how to buy it.To schedule your pick-up service, inform us of your flight schedule one (1) week before arrival.


You had better sign up for a student (or traveler) insurance in case of various kinds of accidents and illness in the Philippines. It is hard for a foreigner to get medical benefits in the Philippines and it is possible you may spend lots of money for unexpected accidents or sickness. So, it is important to have a student (or traveler) insurance to prepare for the unexpected.


For your local expenses and pocket money, you can prepare some dollars and exchange them into pesos in the Philippines. Also, you can process an international debit card to withdraw money from an ATM whenever you need.

[ International Debit Card ]

A debit card, which can be used abroad, usually has a logo on it. You can process it easily in any Korean bank and after arriving in the Philippines, you can withdraw pesos through an ATM which has the same logo as your card.

When you withdraw money, international bank charges will be deducted from your account and each bank has a different bank charge. It is better to prepare 2 debit cards in case of magnetic damage of a card or its loss.


When you pack your baggage, please divide it into check-in baggage and carry-on baggage.

[ Carry-on Baggage ]

Bringing carry-on baggage into the airplane is allowed if its size is smaller than 20 inches and its weight is about 7~10Kg, so if it exceeds the weight limit, you should pay for additional fees (Each airline has a different policy about weight limits and additional fees).
It is better to put fragile items (like a camera, a laptop, etc...) in your carry-on baggage. Also liquids, gels and aerosols are not allowed into the airplane, so you need to check in those items before boarding the plane.

[ Check-in Baggage ]

You can pack your check-in baggage based on your baggage allowance according to the flight ticket. Each airline has a different policy about the allowable number & weight of the baggage so you had better check marked information about the baggage on your ticket in detail. Most airlines that leave for the Philippines usually allow 1 or 2 baggages and the total weight is 20kg but if it exceeds the weight limit, you need to pay for additional fees.

* It is possible that the tariff on new electronic products is charged at the airport, so it would be better to unbox them before packing.
* It is good to carry fragile and expensive items like a camera, a laptop, etc... with you on board the plane.
* You should refuse to accept other people's baggage because of the danger of becoming involved in a crime or criminal case.


We send our departure information by email according to the individual departure airport, airline, itinerary, etc... Please refer to our information in advance and follow the guide.

[ Contents of EDA departure information ]

- Information about the Airport
- Sample of Arrival Card / Customs Declaration Form
- Information about the entry Procedure (Immigration, Customs, etc...)
- Information about the Pick-up Place in Davao and Emergency Contact Number

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