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무제 문서
Samal Island, which people can get to within 10 minutes by boat, has some popular beach resorts that are known for the beautiful color of its ocean, well-preserved corals and colorful fish, and wonderful scenery. It's great to enjoy water sports and relax in Pearl Farm Resort, Chemas Resort, Paradise Resort, etc... or go snorkeling and scuba diving in Samal or Talikud Island. Also Davao City isn't affected by typhoons all year round so people can enjoy a wonderful natural environment easily under the dazzling sunlight. We recommend you try to experience the fantastic beach and sea that will expose you to the untapped natural environment, water sports, and Philippine style BBQ party that you can enjoy on the beach.
When we talk about Davao activities, extreme sports, which make you feel the varied natural environment can't be an exception. Every time you feel bored with ordinary activities, let's try something new and exciting like Sky Rider, Zip-Line, Mountain Sports, Rafting, Golf, etc...

If you taste the seafood, barbeque (Philippine style), and tropical fruits of the Philippines, you may have a difficult time telling yourself to stop eating them. Davao City, also called the 'Heaven of fruits' is known for its various tropical fruits which people can taste at their convenience in Davao. Also, barbeque and seafood cooked the traditional way are the foods which you should never forget to try.


Let's try to visit archaeological sites or pervade the daily life in Davao City. We recommend you purchase fruits in a public market or have a great time with Filipino friends while listening to live music at an energetic place.
Besides, watching movies and shopping in a mall or getting a cheap body massage that can relieve your fatigue can be another attraction in Davao City.


- Kadayawan Festival, the 2nd biggest festival in the Philippines (in the 3rd week of August)
- Araw ng Dabaw, the festival to celebrate the day of being recognized as a city (16th of March)

There is a variety of events and parades all around the city that you shouldn’t miss.